Irina Shevchuk has published on the ECHR practice

Irina Shevchuk, ENGARDE’s senior associate, published the article titled “Submitting a complaint to the ECHR: procedural requirements” in “Yurydychna gazeta” (No. 16 (462) as of 21 April 2015).

In line with the title of the article Iryna paid major attention to the requirements, under which an applicant has to perform in order to increase the chances for her or his complaint to be considered on the merits by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). In particular, the article clearly defines who can submit a complaint and how to do it.

Iryna dwelled into the issue of admissibility criteria, which a complaint has to fulfill. She also analyzed in detail the most recent admissibility criterion – “de minimis.” Moreover, the author gave a substantial answer to the question why the ECHR declines most of the individual complaints prior to their consideration on the merits.

Following the practical and easy-to-understand advice of the author will be beneficial for those intending to apply to the ECHR in order to defend their rights violated by Ukraine.

You can download the complete text of the article in Ukrainian here.