Bankruptcy and insolvency are complex and sometimes emotional subjects and therefore when providing legal support in cases involving these issues sensitivity is required. Our lawyers have many years of experience providing comprehensive restructuring and insolvency services to both companies and creditors seeking redress. We are proud to have an acknowledged reputation for delivering effective resolution in these difficult situations. Our team-based, multi-disciplinary approach delivers innovative and integrated solutions for complex business-critical matters.

Before a business is declared bankrupt it may well be possible to restructure the operations and the assets in order to continue trading. Therefore when advising companies that are on the verge of declaring bankruptcy, ENGARDE provides restructuring services which may rescue the situation.

ENGARDE offers these restructuring and insolvency services to companies in Ukraine and abroad. International restructuring is a specialist area of legal practice as it requires extensive knowledge and understanding of international laws. Restructuring in Ukraine can be a very tricky process as with the exception of cases involving a specific restructuring and insolvency law cultural and national business peculiarities can confuse matters.

The experience and expertise of our restructuring consulting team ensure that they provide the most efficient restructuring services and advice on all aspects of restructuring and insolvency. This includes corporate and debt restructuring, participation in procedures regarding the recovery of companies and advice on the structuring of agreements involving distressed assets.

Our expertise in insolvency and restructuring covers numerous issues including:

  • Legal due diligence of businesses during preparation for debt and company restructuring
  • Advice on recovery of companies or bankruptcy
  • Representation of clients’ interests in court proceedings regarding insolvency, recovery of debts or declaring bankruptcy
  • Structuring agreements involving distressed assets