ENGARDE`s Senior Associate has become an expert of European Council`s human rights programme (HELP)

ENGARDE`s Senior Associate Iryna Shevchuk has become an expert of European Council`s HELP Programme (Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals).

The primary goal of the HELP Programme is to support European Council`s member states in their national-level application of the European Convention on Human Rights. The Programme`s activities are directed towards enhancing the capacities of courts, barristers and prosecutors to apply the ECHR in their day-to-day activities. HELP`s materials and methodologies are systematically applied in all the events conducted by the Council of Europe in its member-states and are directed towards strengthening the role of the ECHR, including the events conducted in the framework of joint EU − Council of Europe programmes.
HELP`s webpage (http://www.helpcoe.org) is publicly available for every interested user, it offers free access to distance education courses, additional materials and tools for studying the ECHR`s standards. The webpage contains a forum for discussing the human rights issues. One could also find a wide spectrum of educational resources related to the ECHR, which had been developed and collected by the HELP programme and also translated into the national languages of the Council`s of Europe member-states. These materials include educational manuals on methodology and basic provisions of the ECHR, as well as reference-books, model educational curricula and courses, presentations, case studies, e-Learning resources devoted to various provisions and topics of the ECHR.

Ms Shevchuk is currently engaged with development of a distance educational course on applying the European Convention on Human Rights and the case law of the European Court of Human Rights in labour relationships.