Brand concept

En GardeThe brand name ENGARDE is derived from the international term related to the sport of fencing meaning the first defensive stance (“en garde” in French means “protection of interests”, “defend oneself”, “fight!”). The ability to take creative and innovative action in fast-changing surroundings is considered to be the key factor in fencing. We apply the same principles in practising law.


Our core values are to protect and defend our client’s interests based on trust and ethics of the legal profession. We have developed an integrated system approach to professionalism and responsibilityOur team of dedicated professionals is fully committed to the firm’s values, with corporate social responsibility being a crucial element of our strategy.

Integrated system approach

ENGARDE’s lawyers undertake the in-depth analysis of each situation, study the nature and specifics of our clients’ business and management models and determine our clients’ needs. Our approach is to review and analyze the challenge from all perspectives, thus determining the best way forward to achieve the desired result. Once we have determined the strategy we assign the resources necessary from the practice areas that are required. On our clients’ behalf, we then bring to bear a formidable and fully integrated team of specialists, who are real experts in their practices areas.


Our partners, counsels, and associates are recognized internationally as experts in their chosen practice specializations in addition to business law and dispute resolution. But we also see professionalism as being more than simply being an expert. It goes beyond the ability to develop and deliver effective strategies to protect clients’ interests. For us, it is also the energy, enthusiasm, and commitment of our team to our clients’ interests.

We understand our responsibilities on both a corporate and human scale. Thus we fully comply with our legal responsibilities to clients, business partners, and employees. We care especially about our responsibilities and commitments to society. The ability to provide the best results and legal services of the highest quality are the essential criteria by which we measure our work and success.


Our view of honesty is more than fiscal rectitude. Honesty is rigorously evaluating a client’s position and being truthful about the likely result. Honesty is examining the true impact of an outcome and helping to plan for it. And finally, we recognize that the only promise worth giving is a promise that is kept.

Corporate development

We continuously encourage the personal and professional development of all our lawyers, administrators and everyone working in and for our firm. So doing, we have moulded a formidable team of dedicated professionals who contribute to the growth of the firm as a whole.

Corporate social responsibility

It has to be said that rule of law in Ukraine is not as entrenched as it should be, or as much as we, and our fellow citizens, would like. As a law firm, we are keenly aware of this, and our lawyers are pledged to support and improve the rule of law whenever they can. This is an essential part of the firm’s corporate culture. We never forget that as lawyers we are in a privileged position to help others to set things right so the firm regularly provides pro bono legal advice and supports people and organisations in need. Through pro bono work, ENGARDE provides legal services and legal advice to socially vulnerable groups of society. Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the crucial principles of ENGARDE and an essential part of the firm’s corporate values.