ENGARDE’s associates have acted as experts in the World Bank’s study of agricultural business

ENGARDE’s Senior Associate Pavlo Oliinyk and Associate Kyrylo Medvediev have acted as local experts in the World Bank’s research project on evaluation of opportunities for business in the agricultural sphere.
The World Bank conducts its Enabling the Business of Agriculture project in 62 countries annually. This year’s research is the third consecutive issue of the project. The goal of the project is to ensure objective evaluation of normative-legal bases, best practices and their implementation in the countries being researched. The work has been undertaken in order to establish the legal and regulatory environments conducive to agricultural business in the participating countries.

The World Bank’s team of scholars has thanked Pavlo Oliinyk and Kyrylo Medvediev for their “invaluable contribution” into the research project.

You can learn more about the project, its methodology and results by following the link: http://eba.worldbank.org/