Iryna Shevchuk analyses ECHR case-law from the viewpoint of labour relationships


ENGARDE’s Senior Associate Iryna Shevchuk has published an analytical article devoted to protection of labour related rights by the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

In her paper (published in No.52 of Yurydychna Gazeta) Iryna has analyzed the tendencies in the labour related case-law and practice of the ECHR.

Iryna has paid attention to the fact that as of current time the ECHR has not established any violations of the rights guaranteed by Article 4 of the Convention (Prohibition of slavery and forced labour) in Ukraine. The author remains of the opinion, however, that the “significance of this article for our country” is as high as ever.

You can read the complete text of the article in Russian by following the link.