Irina Nazarova has facilitated a discussion at the conference organized by the Judicial Reform Council of Ukraine

ENGARDE’s Managing Partner Irina Nazarova has acted as discussion facilitator on the topic of “Supporting international commercial arbitration: breaking the old walls” during the conference devoted to the reform of Ukraine’s procedural legislation. The conference has taken place on Friday, 7 April 2017, under the aegis of the Judicial Reform Council.

The Ukrainian judicial reform envisages positive changes in respect of supporting international arbitration by the court system. In particular, a mechanism for securing an arbitral process is suggested. Thus, a possibility for interim measures and securing of evidence will be anchored in new legislation. Besides, a single court will be determined for annulling the international arbitral awards passed in Ukraine. Stages for appeals have been clearly established and shortened. The reform also brings with it a suggestion on providing a possibility to hear in one proceedings the requirements for recognizing and enforcing an international arbitral award, as well as the motion for annulling such award.

All the suggested changes and initiatives are directed towards making international arbitration more effective in Ukraine, whereas Ukraine’s judicial system is expected to fully support international arbitration.

These and other changes to the legislation regulating international arbitration in Ukraine have been analysed during the discussion facilitated by Irina.

You can learn more about the conference and the judicial reform in Ukraine on the web-page of the Judicial Reform Council (in Ukrainian):