Iryna Shevchuk, Attorney at Law and ENGARDE’s Senior Associate, Participated in Practical Seminar

ENGARDE’s Senior Associate and attorney at law Ms Irina Shevchuk participated in the seminar titled “The Matrix for Review of Judicial Decisions in 2017”, which was conducted with organizational support of LIGA PRACTIC.

An analysis of the major changes in organization of the judiciary undertaken during 2017 was presented during the seminar. The reporters also analyzed the appeals made in 2017 and the issue of the legal essence and meaning of cassation appeals.

Among the reporters at the seminar were Larysa Rohach – judge of the High Commercial Court of Ukraine, Iryna Zhovtobryukh – judge of Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeals, Oleh Tkachuk – judge of the High Civil and Criminal Court of Ukraine (the Civil Cases Chamber), Oleksandr Voznyuk – Chairman of the Board of the Attorneys’ Association “Pravo i Zakon”, Ihor Borovyk – attorney of “Data Lex” Attorneys’ Association, Chairman of the Appeals Department.