ENGARDE’s Associate Delivers a Report on Human Rights in Chernihiv

Iryna Shevchuk, a Senior Associate at ENGARDE, has delivered a report during a two-day course in Human Rights for Ukrainian judges and legal practitioners.  Iryna’s report was devoted to the topic of General Aspects of Private and Family Life Protection under the ECHR.

The mentioned course took place in Chernihiv on 18-19 December 2017.  It is a pilot course of the distance-learning component of the Council’s of Europe HELP Programme – Introduction to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.  In its turn the mentioned programme is a part of the joint project run by the EU and the Council of Europe under the title “Strengthening the Implementation of European Human Rights Standards in Ukraine.”  This joint project is a result of the common initiative by the Council of Europe, the Ukrainian National School of Judges, and the Chernihiv Regional Court of Appeal.

Iryna Shevchuk participated in the event as an expert and as a certified coach of the Council’s of Europe HELP Programme.