Innovation and creativity are the major drivers for successful companies and are often a firm’s principal assets. Thus, using intellectual property agreements to protect against the counterfeit and fraudulent use of process and brands are fundamental to the continued success of a company.

Our intellectual property attorneys are fully aware of the importance of IP rights on both the domestic and worldwide stage. We provide services to create and manage intellectual property rights and we are both meticulous and rigorous in protecting those rights on behalf of our clients.

Our intellectual property team has been providing exceptional services in intellectual property law to clients for a considerable time. Our experience is acknowledged to be amongst the most comprehensive and efficient in Ukraine.

As a part of our intellectual property consulting strategy, we determine the best method of purchasing, exercising and transferring IP rights taking into consideration all aspects of IP law, patents, and copyrights. We support Ukrainian and foreign companies in all types of IP transactions.

We advise our clients on how to use IP rights in the most effective way, as well as provide services on IP rights protection. Our lawyers help businesses develop best strategies for IP rights registration and management, and participate in IP projects.

The firm’s intellectual property attorneys provide services, which include:

  • Preparation of trademarks’ transfer contracts, licensing and franchising agreements, agreements for protection of IP rights and confidentiality agreements, contracts for transferring of confidential information
  • Representing clients’ interests in IP-related disputes (e.g. fighting against counterfeit goods; domain names protection disputes; copyright, confidential information, and trade secret protection; disputes arising out of licensing, franchising and copyright agreements; unfair competition cases, and others)
  • Participation in all stages of IP rights registration process